Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, I was part of the collaps of the Soviet Union and will always have it as my heritage. As a child I was brought up in a two story world- a lie that everybody pretended to believe and a family´s and country´s tue history that people carried deep in their hearts.  As a teen-ager I was part in collecting thousands of pro-independence signatures and taking part in pro-independence movement.

Affected by the power of my people and their will for freedom, I moved to Moscow and started taking pictures of another country on the brink of change. Sending my pictures to French agencies Sipa Press, Gamma-Liaison and Sygma, I traveled through the crumbled Soviet empire covering breaking stories and daily life.

Later on my clients included Time, Newsweek, The Economist, Paris Match, Le Monde as well as biggest Scandinavian newspapers Helsingin Sanomat, Verdens Gang.

My travels brought me to the United States, where I lived and worked, moving from state to state covering lifes of the Americans.

I am now living in Stockholm, Sweden. Working as staff photographer for Sweden´s business daily "Dagens industri", I cover daily events of business community. Besides the daily newspaper I work as well for the weekly magazine "Weekend" and monthly magazine "Dimension".